Welcome to Quibby-Made Photography, a small, Baton Rouge studio specializing in newborn and milestone photography. Whether it’s your baby’s first weeks or their first birthday, we would be honored to capture your most precious moments. Keep reading to meet the photographer behind Quibby-made, view testimonials from happy clients, or get answers to some frequently asked questions. Click below to book your session!


Meet the Photographer

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Melissa is a wife of 13 years to the worlds best husband and mother to 4 boys (one coming in August!) and 1 girl. She started shooting professionally in 2016, but has been taking pictures since her childhood. She is used to household chaos and you cant bring crazy to her (or her studio/house) that she hasn’t seen before. She prides herself in unlimited patience. Her main area of focus is babies ages 1 and under specializing in Newborns. But she offers several minis throughout the year where everyone is welcome to join (even pets!).




We had a really great experience with Quibby-Made! She was very patience with us and captured candid shots that we weren’t expecting. Very fun to work with. We will definitely be capturing more important life moments with her.



Newborn pictures with Quibby Made was such a good experience. She was very patient with our baby and had everything we needed! She even bought an outfit she didn’t have just for our baby!!



I am thrilled with our experience! We had a quick session which is perfect for my busy toddlers. The pictures were bright and fun! The girls love Melissa and I love the pictures!



Melissa was the birth photographer for two of my babies, and I wish I had had her there for all four! She did a wonderful job capturing all the special moments, and the final result was beautiful. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a photographer!


Melissa is great to work with! Her pictures are beautiful and you can tell she loves what she does! Can’t wait to come back for my little girls milestone session and one year old pictures!


Very friendly environment. She works well with families and kids. Very helpful with our Christmas card selections. Got lots of shots/poses in our session. Will definitely use this service again.



Amazing!! Always accepting of my ideas & does amazing with my wild child!



Melissa with Quibby-Made Photography is absolutely amazing! She is extremely easy to work with, and without a doubt will capture beautiful pictures of your loved ones. She will work with you to get your pictures printed, framed, and wall ready also.



Melissa is phenomenal with newborns and was even able to get me a shot of all 3 of my boys together. She also did my birth photography. I'm so happy I choose this. The pictures are priceless. I've done several sessions with Melissa and I will continue to use her in the future. She's the first person I recommend to friends.



We’ve done newborn photos and a Christmas mini with Melissa so far. We will definitely be doing 1yr old pictures in a few months. I love the quality of her photography and her style. She’s very easy to communicate with, and quick to get your pictures to you.



Melissa is amazing. She is able to capture the pure joy of the subject (my kids). She does an amazing job allowing them to be themselves while also keeping it professional. And she is very timely.



Melissa is amazing! She has the cutest outfits and props, fast turnaround, and is so easy to work with. I recommend her to all my friends!

 Frequently Asked Questions


• What should I expect during my session?

Milestone: Milestones are quick and easy.  Usually your little one is fascinated by my giant light and all my props in 30 min we have a full session, no sweat. 

Newborn: Newborn sessions tend to be longer and there is more sweat involved.  Although its usually very relaxed and we go with the flow of baby. If he doesn't want to be wrapped, we don't wrap.  If he wants to nurse, he nurses.  I usually start out by wrapping baby to help calm them down and then we move on to bean bag poses with a cute outfit.  With several different props in between.  This is not a stressful time, even babies who refuse to even blink have plenty of nice images in their galleries.  

• How do I prepare my baby for their session?

In a perfect situation baby will sleep through most of their session.  If you live near me feed baby beforehand and dress him in something that can easily come off.  Or if its hot enough just a diaper.  But as soon as you get here you can top them of with milk so he is extra sleepy. I suggest a bath that morning and maybe a little more play time to wear him out. Also feeding baby right before you leave your house can help. If this is a milestone shoot bring baby nice and rested.   

• When do you do sessions?

My newborn sessions are usually Monday at 9am. I only book 4 a month, so as soon as you know you want to book me do it right away! Milestone sessions are either Sundays at 2:30. Im also only booking 4 milestones a month so schedule yours early! Other times can be arranged if these do not work out and Im not booked for that week.

• How and when do I pay?

You will pay in full the day of via check, cash, or card.

• Do I need to bring anything?

You do not need to bring anything. I have everything you need (except maybe diapers!)
For toddlers bring whatever you want used in their session!

• What if my baby wears cloth diapers?

I was a cloth diaper mama for many years and I remember a time in my life when the thought of a paper diaper on my precious child’s rear made me shiver.  Those times are LONG gone but I understand that feeling! That being said though we need paper diapers for the session.  Less bum chub the better.  My little outfits can only fit so much! If you don't have any diapers let me know and I can get some beforehand.  

• I would like to use some mementos during my session. Are you okay with that?

Of course! Above all I want you to love your images, so if you have something in mind let me know! I would prefer to know in advance though so I can plan as well. 

• I have specific ideas about how I want my photos. Are you okay with that?

Yes! Just let me know in advance if possible. I usually plan my sessions the week before so if I know before your baby gets here that will help.

• If I'm in the picture, what should I wear?

My personal preference is white/cream. But really its up to you.

• When I pay my session fee, what do I get?

For your session fee you get downloadable images.  The amount to choose from will range as to how many I am able to get, but the average is around 50. If the amount of digitals is not enough then no worries, you can always buy more!

• What is your turnaround time?

Ideally you will have a sneak peak the day of or the next day and your gallery done in a week.  If that is not going to be the case I will let you know!

• How do I get my digital images?

I have a handy dandy website that you can just put your email in and it sends you the downloads.  You have to be on a PC though, its much too big for your phone. 

• What can I do with my digital images?

Outside of selling your images for profit you can do whatever you want to do.  Plaster it on your wall, make a billboard in your front yard or make a blanket with it; whatever! 

• Can I share your sneak peeks?

Lets turn this into a statement: PLEASE share your images.  Almost off of my business is from word of mouth so your sharing is my bread and butter! 

• Do you offer books, prints, or canvases?

I do! I can do custom orders and you can order prints right from your gallery.  I also have some discounted packages that you can choose from if you want. 

• Do you offer family sessions?

I do offer Family Photos during my newborn shoots, and I can snap a quick one at a milestone session as well. I also have at least 2 mini sessions a year for families; those book fast though so sign up early!

• Do you ever travel to a client's home for sessions?

This is case by case.  The general answer is that I do not travel to your home.  Mostly bc my lighting is too big to carry around and the quality isn't the same without it.  But I have done them before, so just tell me your situation and we will see. 

• Do you offer outdoor maternity sessions?

I may when its not 100 degrees!

• Do you photograph events?

This is another case by case, I dont typically do events. BUT its going to depend on where it is and when it is. 

• Would you do a special type of session if I REALLY needed you to?

As long as it doesn't go against my moral code I may be open to it! Feel free to make suggestions! 

• Why is Quibby-Made the best choice for me?

Because of my striking personality??? I want people to be able to have beautiful classic images of their babies so they can remember how squishy and sweet they were in the years to come, but not remember the day you took those pictures as a day of pain.  I am very down-to-earth, maybe a little too much. I aim to have your session to be relaxed (although hot!) and slightly fun.  But I mostly want you to pick me because you adore my work.