April Blackburn/Birth Photographer

Hi everyone! My name is April Blackburn, and I am so excited to be working with Melissa as the Birth Story Photographer.  I have been an active participant in the birth scene for several years now, and could not be more honored to be able to attend and document births.  

I got started in photography by photographing a friend’s birth.  I was there for moral support, but I borrowed a nice camera to just get what pictures I could.  Melissa is just a beautiful human being and offered to do a quick edit on the photos as a favor.  Since she did that, she was able to see the pictures and thought I had actual talent!


I believe that every birth is sacred, whether it is an unmedicated mama roaring her way through labor, a cesarean mama squeezing her partner’s hand through the surgery, or an epidural mama pushing with all her might to meet that baby.  Every mom is a warrior in my book. I am am so humbled to be able to do this and cannot wait to capture all the beauty of birth for you and your family.