2018 Recap!!

So this year I did 177 sessions. Its really not that much more than last year (which I think was in the 120s) but this year I have grown a TON as a photographer. I feel like my newborn photography has come a long ways and now Im what you call FAMOUS! I have heard people say my business name out “in the wild”, and its so surreal! I never thought it would be where it is now. Im hoping for an even better year next year and I want to be THE BEST NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE WORLD, so I gotta keep practicing. One day people will take down the photos of Anne Geddes random babies and replace it with photos of MY random babies.
Hehe..just kidding, if you dont know me just know Im pretty sarcastic and weird but fun!
Also this year (if you were with me in 2017) you may have noticed that the book keeping and invoices and stuff are a bit more organized, so hooray for that as well!

Without much further ado, one pics from each session this year!

*Here is to trying to keep up this blog!!!