Why the price increase?

Some of you may have wondered why there was a price increase this year, so this blog is for you.
Before starting photography I was always confused when Photographers went up so much on their pricing; they would be so cheap and then a year later SO expensive. I thought they were just being greedy (HA!). So no, thats not true, lol. The biggest truth about this business (and probably any business) is that its expensive to run well! Im the tightest person I know and my prop budget is pretty small, but its the running of the business that gets you.

More than anything I LOVE offering a nice product for an affordable price, and I never once felt taken advantage of. All of my clients are amazing, some have been with me since the really early days of terrible-ness. Lots of them have rode out the price increases with no complaints. But this year since there were so many new clients I felt like I should try to be transparent about the price increase so they may reconsider leaving me!

When all of the numbers were run at the end of 2018, I realized that even though I didnt want to increase my prices, I HAD to. Now that my work is a lot more stable (I can guarantee a certain quality of images), I no longer need tons of practice. I can now on creating a business that turns a profit. And creating work that clients will love for ever and ever (amen).

At the end of the day Im still the penny pinching stay at home mom that loves to barter, trade, bargain, and get a good deal. So if you have a photo proposition for me feel free to ask me about it! If business is slower I may take you up on it! Last year I had a mom pay for her session in gift cards and it was the best! This year I have a mom helping me design sets in exchange for photos, and Im excited about it! So who knows, maybe you will come up with something enticing!

So I hope that I dont lose all of my clients whom I love so much. If I do I will cry 55 tears (It may be while watching Dumplin but tears are tears!).
If you still have questions about all of this please feel free to contact me!!

Melissa aka Quibby-Made

2018 Recap!!

So this year I did 177 sessions. Its really not that much more than last year (which I think was in the 120s) but this year I have grown a TON as a photographer. I feel like my newborn photography has come a long ways and now Im what you call FAMOUS! I have heard people say my business name out “in the wild”, and its so surreal! I never thought it would be where it is now. Im hoping for an even better year next year and I want to be THE BEST NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE WORLD, so I gotta keep practicing. One day people will take down the photos of Anne Geddes random babies and replace it with photos of MY random babies.
Hehe..just kidding, if you dont know me just know Im pretty sarcastic and weird but fun!
Also this year (if you were with me in 2017) you may have noticed that the book keeping and invoices and stuff are a bit more organized, so hooray for that as well!

Without much further ado, one pics from each session this year!

*Here is to trying to keep up this blog!!!