My first camera was...

a red Coke polar bear camera that you had to slide the polar bear across to open the flash.  It also took film (REAL film). I was about 11, I later upgraded to my grandfathers 35mm "big" film camera. I would pose my brother and take his pictures and enter them into the fair (never won). Later I got my hands on a digital camera (I was hired as a camp photographer) that took a WHOLE floppy disk (if you dont know what a floppy disk is google it). I took a picture of a baby sucking her thumb once and won 2nd place in a Beta Convention (I was in high school so that shows how TOTALLY COOL I was).  When I got married I finally had more that $5 to my name and bid and won a Canon Rebel on Ebay (probably paid about retail value, meh). That dear camera traveled with me from Japan to Thailand back to Japan, back to the states a few times, and then back to the states for good. Through 3 baby boys and countless other memories. Then I had a baby girl, and my old faithful camera just didnt have it in her anymore. So I upgraded, when crazy, and now here I am with a fully functioning business!  

Quibby-Made has been around since about 2009, but it went from bow making, to pillow making, to doll making, to towel making, then switching gears to soap making, balm making, and sunscreen making. All of that was fun and games but no actual money was made. Plus I would get bored after a year and move on.  THEN I found Photography, I always knew I loved it and even considered in the past starting my own business (oh man you should see my photo attempts). But I was too scared. Then in July 2016 Quibby-Made Photography was born.  Photos then were pretty rough, but hopefully now no one is revolted by my pics and artistic flare! 

I have been married to my best friend since 2006, its been great and we have made lots of babies. I have 3 boys, 1 girl here and 1 girl in heaven.  We try to follow Jesus to the best of our ability and I hope that my business reflects that. If you see that it doesnt tell me! Im an open book! 

If you have gotten to the end of this its from pure dedication and you deserve a cookie, so remind me when you come for your session! 

See you soon!